Day 18 - Filthy by Skogskisse

Day 18 - Filthy


18 October 2017 at 09:02:40 MDT

"Sot's ability to seek out dirt and grime, and somehow get it all over himself, is astounding. He always claims it's an accident, but doesn't seem to mind being filthy all that much. Perhaps he enjoys it, or perhaps he doesn't like bathing, as he puts up a fight every time anyone suggests he wash himself off. If the dirt becomes a nuisance to everyone around him, however, he'll reluctantly relent.

His job often gets him sooty, as cinderflies release ash once they explode. To prevent getting soot into his eyes, he wears protective goggles, which tend to leave two circle marks around his eyes. These soot stains have become quite characteristic for him, especially since he rarely gets them off. He's not called "dirtchild" for nothing."


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    Cute. ^^
    Forgive my ignorance, but what is Sot's job?

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      Thank you!

      His job is to catch insects known as cinderflies (which are essentially fireflies, just more volatile). They generate sparks inside their bodies and are known to explode when threatened. Therefore they can be quite an annoyance, as they destroy and burn everything near them. Sot has been trained to catch them without injuring himself (further helped by the fact that his fur is mostly flameproof). He can then use them for various things, such as for the creation of lanterns.