Day 4 - Underwater by Skogskisse

Day 4 - Underwater


4 October 2017 at 12:09:05 MDT

"Watch your step when traveling through the Murky Peninsula. Though the mud and the fog are treacherous enough, nothing can rival the bog lurker in terms of deadliness. Stock-still and camouflaged, they hide in the waters of the swamp and wait for unwary travelers to step onto their heads. When something makes such a mistake, they quickly submerge their heads into the water and grab their prey with their large, flat teeth. Though lacking in sharpness, their molars are more than capable of grinding meat and bones into dust.

What you think is a stepping stone may very well be one of these beasts, waiting to drag you into the depths and devour your corpse when it is sufficiently rotten (bog lurkers do not enjoy fresh meat). There is little chance of escape once they've gotten a grip on you with their powerful jaws. Your safest bet is to never be caught at all. Avoid stepping onto "rocks" with a sickly green hue, and be wary of tree stumps sticking out of the water, as they could be bog lurker horns. Better yet, only traverse the swamp in the company of a reliable guide. The residents of Fogwood are knowledgeable in the dangers of the marsh and know how to avoid these monsters.

Bog lurkers rarely leave the water. If one follows you onto land, hide as best as you can and pray that it grows bored. These beasts are extremely aggressive and engaging them in combat is highly discouraged, no matter how brave you're feeling that day."


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    Monster hiding under, and then the ground collapses. Nice pretty piece.