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Ashley Otterman Day 11 by SkiSharp (critique requested)

Ashley Otterman Day 11 (critique requested)


I was able to meet up with Penny and before class. We walked though the quad. I know I need to be talking to her a lot more. Not only is she my friend but is another reason I'm going though this radical change. See, she's going to study my changes both social and psychological for her masters' distortion. Speaking of I really need to get my thesis started as well. I can't wait until I can start studying lake ecology as one of the creatures and not just a boring human with an otter

In other news, my new custom shoes shipped yesterday, and should be in my apartment by the end of the week. Though I have been getting use to walking around in sandals and my bare paws. I'm getting use to the shouts by some about my how wrong my hybridization is. Going to hell and what not. The hardest part was being kicked out of some of the local bars when the staff said "They don't serve animals". But haters going to hate, and I really should never been born completely human anyways. I suppose instead of writing this blog, I should finish some of my Amphibian Anatomy homework.

I hope you all are enjoying this blog of my slow change into an otter-girl. I can't wait to be done
Love you peeps, and fish and oysters to you all
~Ashley Otteson, Otter-Hybrid

Happy TF Tuesday to you all and finally getting back into this drawing thing. I hope this bonus page you all like. I'm not sure why but Ashley has been haunting my muse as of late, could be her attitude, the fact she's a wiling tf-ee, or makes such a cute otter. For you otter tf fans I'm hoping to post another bonus sheet later today

This bonus page follows Day 10 of Ashley's long transition to otter hybrid.
The full TF sequence is over on FurAffinity starts here

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