Happy Halloween! by SkinnyGreenKiller

Happy Halloween!


2 November 2017 at 07:16:50 MDT

YES I KNOW IT'S LATE. I didn't have enough time to work on it until now -3-

So Victor asked Demerol if he wanted to be a killer for Halloween, now due to the frequent murders that occur in Vicory city, it seemed like a good idea. Plus no one has ever asked Demerol to go trick-or-treating with them before, so he was down for anything.

So the plan was set, Victor bought some fake blood and they smeared it on some knives. Victor said they both looked like killers enough as it was, so they didn't need anything more then their normal wear and some bloody knives. ...Except what Demerol doesn't know, is that Victor is a real serial killer, his dagger has ended a many, and that gash on his cheek is real. Victor acquired the blood, and the gash, from one of his neighbors. She said his stew was gross, so he decided she was the perfect candidate, the rest of her is in the stew Victor and Demerol ate for dinner.

Victor, when do you plan on telling Demerol about your second life? Please mentally scare him a little for me, he's WAY too pure for this series -3-

Demerol and Victor are (c) 'Adventures In Dametrex' (AiD) & SkinnyGreenKiller.

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