[BNHA redraw] Bakugou Katsuki by sketsune

[BNHA redraw] Bakugou Katsuki


7 September 2017 at 06:40:39 MDT

Look at my anger son!!

Look at me go!!
I'm super happy with how this turned out okay? So I'm posting it now, since I can contain my happy and I want to show you guys something I'm very very very happy with!! AND I'm gonna do more! uwu

I was a little bit bolder with the shading color, which pretty much was "out of spite" since I whined to a friend that "I don't know how to shade it" and their only answer was "in blues" and I was just "????????". But here we are and I'm ecstatic!

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And here's my ref, or the one that inspired to the redraw.