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I first ran into furry fandom forever-ago, back in the 90's. Just as I was learning the ropes and getting up my courage to participate, though, life happened. I got distracted. Time passed. I moved to Kansas. :-)

Then, just a little while ago, I encountered a small pack of furries online. It was a brief encounter, but it made all the old, fun memories return. The hunger came back.

So, here I am, both an ancient relic from the old days, and a pup leaving the den for the first time. Just waking up on the lonely prairie, looking around to see who's here.

In the mundane world, I write software for Macs and iOS devices. I have a horse. I play WoW. And as a special project, I'm trying to teach myself to draw. Check back in a few years to see how that's going. :-)

In the fun world, I'm a grey wolf. My muzzle may be growing a little white, but my eyes are bright and I still have strong, sharp teeth!

If you're of a like mind, feel free to contact me. I'm just getting started meeting people, building my pack. I'd especially like to get to know my neighbors in the Kansas City-Lawrence-Topeka area. Speak up!



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2015 Convention Plans

on 26 April 2015 at 11:34:09 MDT

Looks like four conventions this year for this wuff.

Califur is a new convention for me. It just happens to coincide with a work trip, so, sure, why not!

Anthrocon will be a new convention for me, too. Gotta go to the furry Mecca at least once!

Rocky Mountain Fur Con again this year. This is a wonderful smaller con, and Denver is a fun place. Hopefully there will be fewer flat tires this year. grumbles

And Midwest FurFest closes out the year. I love this convention. It was my first furry convention two years ago, and it is always wonderful!

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    There you are! Awroo!

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    thanks for watching this purple sheppy.

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    Thanks for the follow! I'm from south central IA.....and a gray muzzle. It's never to late to learn to draw!