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Dream World by Sketch-Silver

The air cool and free
The way I wish I could be
Simple small lake whooshes back and forth 
One faithful tree standing alone of its kind
With only a small lake 
As his only companion to date

Alone I may stand
With my walls built high around me
Few sprinkle in for a visit

The flowers around shine in the sun
The sound of a howl ever so distant
Chirp,Chirp, Chirp,Chirp,Chirp
I hear the bird over head
Wild and free, everything I see

Only faintly do I see
As I sit beneath my tree
One faithful being like me

If only they don't disappear 
As the autumn leaves seem 
To do every year

Whoosh, Whoosh the leaves fall
As the being runs close to me
I feel hope again
As a newly bloomed flower

Dream World


21 February 2013 at 19:02:16 MST

I wrote this piece a while back. It was written when I felt like the walls I built to protect myself were starting to make me be all alone. Though it's long since I've felt that way this poem still has a big impact on me

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