Sketchbuck's Illustration Price Sheet by Sketchbuck

Sketchbuck's Illustration Price Sheet


28 October 2016 at 08:58:45 MDT

Commissions taken through Etsy -

{ Terms of Service }

■ By commissioning Sketchbuck, you accept their ‘Terms of Service’ -
Please read before commissioning. I will not be held responsible for a client not reading through the Terms of Service before
commission agreement has been made. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions please feel free to get in touch.

{ Payment }

■ Payment in Great British Pounds only.
■ Payments will be made through Etsy, or via Paypal invoice only.
■ For an estimate of exchange rates, please use XE.

{ Additional Information }
■ Full resolution is sent via a Dropbox link.
■ I am a CLEAN artist, I will not illustrate adult work, but I am open to artistic nudes and romance etc.
■ Please contact me if you are unsure whether I would be able to undertake a certain theme.
■ Feel free to contact me about your commission or concept, I will happily discuss and collaborate ideas with you.

If you have a query about what I will or won't draw, or just a general enquiry about my work, please feel free to note or email me.


Characters © Their Respective Owners
Artwork © Sketchbuck
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