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Simon Panford - Doodle Dump by Sketchbuck

Simon Panford - Doodle Dump


Been working on Simon's design in little breaks between work and commissions.
I needed to get his design sorted for a long time. He's the only character I have who doesn't work for Deadlock :V an outsider!

His design is pretty much set now, just building his character, I notice he seems more 'characterful' the more I progress. Or maybe I'm just getting used to him as a person?

Oldest work at top, newest doodled tonight.

Totally happy to answer questions, you'll make my day if you ask them really! Honestly :D Prefer questions about Hoggy though as I'm still 'building' Si.

Artist - Katie Hampson © Sketchbuck 2016
Characters by - Sketchbuck
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Other Places to find me -!findme/c19z4