2015 Art Summary by Sketchbuck

2015 Art Summary


3 December 2015 at 10:33:08 MST

I'm a bit early to the game, I'll admit, but it's done now! To most I doubt there'll be much of a noticeable change. My style is settled so nothing major will be happening with that ever now, but as for my understanding of anatomy, and newly developing understanding of shading and depth, I personally am thrilled with the improvement!

Jan - The 1st attempt at a background this year, one that I finally felt confident with. They've never been my strong point, but from this I decided to push myself.

Feb - Despite it being months old, I a still really stoked with this image. The angle, the motion and the lighting were all a challenge, but I knew it was going to be an awesome piece if I pushed past what I thought I could achieve at the time. I think this was one of the 1st images I started to use image focus to add realism and depth to my images.

Mar - This was around the time I started getting more confident with using more dramatic lighting/shading. I was starting to experiment with my shading techniques at this stage so around the next few months my shading style flits around frequently whilst I settle. This was a more soft style.

Apr - POW time to push my backgrounds to another level. I'll not say this was easy at the time. Learning to use light in a dramatic way, but still too worried to push the shading.

May - Getting more and more used to having to do backgrounds, lighting becoming more dynamic, shading is still being experimented with and I'm still tentative with it. Learning how to make characters look more attached to their backgrounds and not just stuck on them.

Jun - Okay! I'm understanding that I can be a bit more confident with the density of shading, not fully, but I'm getting my work looking more 3D and dynamic.

Jul - I'm starting to get a bit busy with other stuff at this time, so this is a flat render. Improving on character interaction and weight distribution.

Aug - In the middle of my busy spell outside of illustration work. Have a little pencil sketch, nothing outstanding here.

Sept - Bam! I'm back! I'm learning to add different tones rather than flat ones to add depth and texture to my pieces. Another dabble at soft shading attempt, but far more comfortable with it. I also experimented with the lines, using thinner ones at a lighter opacity, left a very 3D looking effect. Was hard to replicate since.

Oct - Oh no, my gallery starts to become awash with Hogarth images. Me settling into my shading style, and using shading dynamically now. Learning to give a sense of placement and weight to characters. Using thin lines is now completely comfortable to me.

Nov - Oh thank god, back to animals! Although backgrounds are still tricky for me, I'm getting the general hang and my style set on them. Shading is becoming second nature now. And look! I can add humans into my pieces :D Better interaction between characters in the piece.

Dec - HAHAHA Humans are back, I had you tricked huh? Shading is now pretty fine for me, and backgrounds are getting to be a habit now. 1st piece of December, so maybe I'm jumping the gun. Who knows? Let's see what happens in the meantime!

Onto next year! I will be pushing myself as hard as ever!

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support, not only over this year, but all my previous years here. It really does mean a lot to me, and you're the very reason I keep on striving to improve. I love you all so dearly, you are my inspiration!

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Artist - Katie Hampson © outputt 2015
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    hahahaha XD off all those of commissions i got from you, i made you do backgrounds XP

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      I know O: like... most of this art belongs to you! Haha, great patron <3 Thank you for all the support. I know I say it a lot, but I do mean it. <3
      You give me such commissions that get me to push myself onto whole new levels, all thanks to you I can do this!

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        Aww suhks x3 you are welcme