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Hi there. My name is Matt, alternatively known as Faullyn Skautch, and I am a character artist. I tend to work with fantasy and sci-fi themes, and I almost exclusively draw unearthly ideas from my imagination. There are many stories to tell between the worlds and characters I create, which I'm always happy to share.

Outside of being an artist, I play a variety of video games across all modern consoles, and occasionally dabble in writing and film. I'm currently working toward a degree in video game development with a side focus in game concept art, and I hope to pursue a degree in filmmaking afterward. Perhaps I'll have the chance to bring my characters to life, someday.



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A word from a silent mouth...

I discovered this web site last July, after a friend moved all their work here. Since then, I've posted most of my drawings to my profile on a partially regular basis, though without the lengthy descriptions I normally write for them. Despite keeping my gallery somewhat up-to-date, I've remained mostly inactive here by all other means, barely interacting with you other artists and not much bothering to follow people. Sometimes I don't realize how reclusive I can be, but I assure you, I'm always interested in seeing new and original characters, stories, and ideas brought to life through art. There are people who inspire and fascinate me everywhere to whom I would love to just say hello. I'm just not that great at actually doing so, very often. In addition to being unable to approach people very easily, I've been told by people that I can generally seem like an unapproachable person. It's ironic, considering I keep an online gallery partially for the purpose of interacting with other artists. The point I'm trying to make is, if you follow me and you ever feel like saying hello, I'd be happy to get in touch.

In any case, I'll hopefully see you guys around.

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    I'm super happy to have ran across you here! <3

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      Hi there! I can say the same to you :D

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    Glad to see you made it, bud! I've already got some killer concepts in the works, if I could just make myself finish them in a reasonable time frame, heh. Think you might enjoy 'em when I get 'em posted :P