Last Place On Eath... by Skal-Tel

Last Place On Eath...


24 December 2014 at 07:07:43 MST

...that you would expect to find a reptile. xD

Francis_john from FA did this piece of Skal for me, and I've got to say, there's something about his style that stands out to me! Its much different than the other works in my gallery, but in a good way! :D

Anyway, yea, here's Skal sitting on a snowy ledge without much to keep him warm! He must have been flying about because otherwise I'd think he'd have something on his feet. Also I don't know if this is early morning or evening, but I guess I'll let you decide!

As for how a reptile can be out in the cold like that, I've always liked to think that Skal isn't a "true poikilothermic", meaning that his internal body temp does fluctuate depending on the environment, but that he can semi-control it like endothermics can, but not to the same extent, in that he could still die from excess amounts of cold like any reptile, and that he does become more sluggish and paler, but that its not as cut and dry as your average reptile... if that haphazard explanation makes any sense. xD

Art © Francis_john
Character © Skal-tel