#22: "Mech + Your O.C." by Skadjer

#22: "Mech + Your O.C."


19 September 2019 at 11:19:29 MDT

I'm long overdue for pictures showing me together with Evalion, or one of Evalion's creations, and I didn't want to repeat that last experience of trying to conjure mechanical dragons out of nothing.
So this seemed only fitting.
Something snuggly.

Side note: here you see me once again tinkering with the state of my wings.
Those who only know me by my virtually nonexistant online work may be unaware that I've undergone a few design changes in recent years, including the removal of the wings. The reasons were convoluted: partly symbolism, partly meditative, partly utilitarian. Why keep wings on a critter who is afraid to fly?
There's a whole rabbit hole beneath that question.

But recently I realized removing the wings was the wrong choice. (As severe backaches indicated.)
Rather, a being who could step between phases of reality ought to be able to extend his limbs into alternate planes if desired, something akin to a pocket dimension.
So the wings aren't gone. They're still attached, and still a part of me. They're just... in storage.

So, the manner in which that right wing shoulder is phasing out of existence is not a stylized vignetting technique.
It's meant to be the quite literal portrayal of what such limb-phasing would look like.

Score: 100%
Completed on-time, within one day.

Since there was no official prompt list this year,
I decided to combine this one with this one.

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