Shock and Awe by SixthLeafClover

Shock and Awe


10 October 2013 at 15:03:59 MDT

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Cray Narick (Werewolf)

Cray is a prestigious member of the Glasswalker Tribe of the Garou Nation. His other name, a name commonly used among his people, is The-Smith. He is a master weapon smith of the modern age. He not only craft the finest guns, he also make special spirit-based weapons and melee weapons. He makes everything himself and by himself. When asked if he’d take an apprentice, he usually closes the door or kick the individual out.

He can be a fun and thrill seeker if he wanted to be but most of the time he keeps to himself working on the latest orders or implementing his latest crazy designs in his workshop. He doesn’t keep company unless he knows them well enough or is forced to. He can be grumpy but he has some level of tolerance for annoyance and distraction.

He never leave home without a plan and a backup to that plan and a contingency to the backup of the original plan. Some called him paranoid schizo. He just calls it common sense. It is a dangerous world out there, he often tells people, so you should always stock up on the best weapons money can buy, preferably from his inventory.

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