Dance of dragons by SixthLeafClover

Dance of dragons


17 February 2021 at 11:02:36 MST

Sashimi, the working sushi dragon, has a day job at the dragon whelp daycare! She finds herself corralling all the tiny dragons and keeping them out of too much trouble! She’s done this dance many times!

Did you find the 5 hidden limes? Also take a closer look with a poster or 4k wallpaper! 🐲🐉🐲


4k wallpaper:

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    Some poor child is wearing a cone of shame! XD

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    What's special about drayon compared to normal ones ? Extra resistance ?
    This piece is really cool a lot of details and I guess hours have been put in it. Like it a lot, great work.
    Even the distorted perspectives helps to present more. Maybe a bit less distorted would help to improve the general feel, but that's just suggestion at this point :p

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    Very cute

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    I took the challenge to find the limes, and I found them after a lot of frustration! Very cleverly hidden!
    This piece is exceptionally ambitious and so well rendered! I adore the attention to detail on all aspects; the interior, the subjects and their poses /body language, as well as the coloful rendering of all materials and lightning! Well done!

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    My word, I've never seen so many vibrant colors in a still piece. This looks like it's practically breathing and you can feel the chaos..yet our care-taker seems to be handling all of it in stride, incredible!
    Thank you for sharing this vision

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    god, I LOVE the colors, and all the toys and props packed into this! I almost didn't even notice the limes! this daycare is absolute chaos.