Nevermore by SixthLeafClover



8 November 2016 at 15:55:52 MST

Nevermore The Raven

Inquisitive, intelligent, and often obsessed, he likes to observe the world from above, watching and judging those beneath him. His favorite past time is following someone from above and predicting that individual's every move and see how many guesses he get right. He is getting really good at these games. Perhaps that is why there are those who come to him for information or second opinion about events or people. Of course, his fees can be excessive at times but he is known to forget about collecting his fees from time to time. But skip out on his collection and he shall be that one who perch above your door with such a name as "Nevermore."

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    What a handsome creature :)

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    Cool looking creature~ Not every day you see semi-feral avians~

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    Very interesting character! He looks intimidating, though - even if he forgot to collect his fees, I'd probably rather be safe than sorry, maybe call him and remind him that his payment is waiting for him, hahaha.

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    This is a gorgeous illustration piece. Love teh details in the feathers and the colors. I wish I found this sooner, I have been trying to find a good color value for painting black