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Siskmarek's Brief History of Art 1998-2015 by siskmarek

Siskmarek's Brief History of Art 1998-2015


Click to embiggen, of course.

I decided to go through some of my old stuff, see how far back things went. While I know there are pieces earlier than this, I cannot find them. Also there is a gap in the middle which, sadly, is empty not for a lack of work, but because that work was lost.

There's been a lot of surprises while digging through history. I was startled at the jumps I've made in quality when I knew I didn't draw much at all during those years. The jump from 1998 to 1999 is the most drastic, as I went from what amounted to a bland rip-off of Balto's style to making a serious attempt at digital painting.

The second surprise is how inconsistent I've been. Part of this is medical, but the lion's share, I must be honest, is due to lack of practice. Many years I only made a handful of drawings -- sketches included. I seem to ruminate on stuff, then let out all the mental practice in one great drawing a year, but the rest is crap. I'm getting better at this. I'm drawing more, but I still have a lot of inconsistency I'm working to stamp out.

My art has gotten more diverse as time goes on, thankfully. I'm starting to poke outside the world of furry to other subject matter, other styles, and other mediums. I used to do watercolour, and I'd like to get back into that.

We'll see where the next 15+ years takes me. :) Wish me luck!

(1998) Rafi is © her creator
(2000) Michati is © her creator
(2002-2003) Balto is © MCA/Universal
(2009) Tsume is © to his creator
(2010) Vinci is © to vincinicolaides
(2012) Taras is © to taras
(2012, 2015) Awesome sergals are © to mick39

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    Wow o.o just wow

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    Also, this is so badass! From Balto to awesome!

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      AAAAAAA FLUFFY!!!111

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    Really neat. I love seeing these type of things. Seeing how the artist's first masterpiece is and then it evolves throughout the years. Thanks for sharing! =D

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      I guess I could say my first work is masterpiece-level in a sarcastic way XD and you're welcome! Thanks for looking, and for commenting!

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    I always enjoy when artists do this, I love seeing the improvement one has made over the years. But 15 years... My whole lifetime away.. I have no idea where I'll be when I'm your age, Sisk.. I've only recently started thinking aboutthe future, responsibilities and the possibility of moving into a flat with my friend when we are 16, I mean.. At that age I'll be old enough to VOTE.. and legally 'do the nasty'.. I.. I'm not ready for the world, the past few years have flew past, I can barely remember the last 3 years and it felt like I was 12 very recently.. time sure does fly..

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      You won't be alone, both in the sense of those feelings that every young person goes through, and of not being far from help. You'll do fine, I think. So many before you have done it. :)

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        I won't... I'm struggling to do do schoolwork, have freetime, manage friends and manage my feelings... ill snap like a twig.

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    It's odd to think that you've started drawing just about my whole life...
    Cool to watch how you've improved and changed your style though. Lovely work through and through

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      It's odd to read comments like this! Gettin' old…

      And it most definitely is cool! I've always loved seeing these things from other artists, so I set out to create my own. I wish I could find my stuff from 1997; that crap was really primitive!

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    I'll buck the trend and say "16 years ago, heh I was in college!" ;p
    Very nice! Now I have some completely unrelated and disjointed comments:
    My ex did a lot of Balto fanart back then... I'd really like to see more landscape concepts!

    Cuttlefish party w/ ice cream could really have only come from 2014.

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      I've got a few landscape pieces in my gallery, but I agree. That's...kind of a neglected side of art that I should explore more. That, and architecture. I'd like to be able to say, YES I CAN DRAW THAT TOO and DELIVER instead of sneaking in a photo background then trying to pass it off as my own work. even when I get called out by an army of furs with access to Google Image Search.

      It seems that there are certain landmark movies that mark every generation of furries. A lot of the older folk got started out with stuff like Robin Hood. Newer gens likely got corrupted by TLK and Balto. I'm tryin to think of a movie in the 2000s that might have that same impact but I am coming up empty :(


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    One thing this doesn't convey is the stories of your various worlds. I know I keep saying this when I comment on your stuff, but it seems to me that all (or most) of your art has a story. That's not something most artists can say.

    And yes, I'm just as excited as you to see where your worlds go in the future. I love a good story!

    I like that you've been developing what seems to me to be a hybrid of traditional and digital art. It's a unique style, definitely something you should continue to roll with and improve.