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Eric's Fourth/Final Bionic Upgrade - *READ DESC!* by sirkain

Eric's Fourth/Final Bionic Upgrade - *READ DESC!*


Mature Alt is HERE.

FIRST Bionic Upgrade Visit.
SECOND Bionic Upgrade Visit.
THIRD Bionic Upgrade Visit.

“Guess this is it, the last major upgrades to get done,” Eric said, holding a copy of the list of what is going to get upgraded and changed this session. “I'm still amazed there is now tech you claim that can alter your body around to the point you can change genders, voice, height, species… Sounds like witchcraft to me” Eric chuckles a bit.

“It almost is, given the conceptual leap between traditional engineering and this kind of technology”, the doctor explained. “The device I will install next uses a controlled digitization, re-coding and re-materialization process to alter the code of your very existence. This code includes not only your DNA, mental state and minor unnatural body alterations, such as surgeries and scars, but also any bionic add-on our body has previously received - more easily so, since I know the exact code of my own creations.

“The procedure is extremely delicate to configure, but I have a lot of experience with this technology, as I use it on myself very frequently,” the genet continued, casually tapping the electronic bracelet on his left wrist. “Your own device will only offer a few options to choose from, fully tested and calibrated for optimal results, but I can add more in the future as needed. Namely, the default settings will allow you to modularly change your sex, size and species at will, as selected from your wrist-mounted interface. I of course will need to know which species you’d like to be able to turn into.”

“I see. Hrm...” Eric starts to scratch his chin, thinking up what all he has been changed into before, some willingly, some not so willingly… “Well, I have been a few things. One thing was a living inflatable pool-toy version of myself, an Eevee and a Braixen, accidentally made a Kangaroo and skunk hybrid, and I would like to one day be a dragon. That too many?” He started to blush a little as he rubbed the back of his head, feeling a bit weird for admitting all these different things he has been thanks to his shape-shifting curse.

“Aha, some of those I can program. Would you like me to add a genet form? Naturally, it would be really easy, I have that code at the ready at all times,” Javi quickly taps on hi wrist computer and shows Eric some preliminary designs, showing him as rounded and squishy anthropomorphic plush toy, the two pokémon species, a genet and a dragon. “All these designs, of course, can be tweaked and modified as much as you’d like, either before or after their installation.”

“...A Genet, like yourself? Huh. Never thought about that. Sure, I guess. There any certain limit on how many forms... err species or presets I can have?” he says, struggling to get the right wording for his question. “Would the genet be easier for you to teach me how to use all this new stuff?”

“It’s only a matter of memory space. Your wrist computer has a lot of it, but it isn’t infinite, of course. There’s no need to worry about that. And… no, not at all. The interface I programmed for you is easy and comprehensive enough that you don’t have to worry about the technical details of the process. You can design new forms any time you want, but the coding itself would require several years of intense study before you could grasp it. It is best if you let me handle that part myself.”

Eric nods. “OK, guess add in that Genet code, and anything else I need to know before you start to do these last upgrades?“

“Not really. The installation will be very quick and simple. The first digitization however takes a very long time, because my AIs have to decompile and decipher the billions of binary instructions that define you as a living being, so I know how to alter them. Fortunately, I started that process months ago, when you first mentioned being interested in sex reassignation as part of your augmentations, so I only need to program your new alternate species and, having the base code, that can be done fairly easily. If you take a seat, I’ll install the interface right away, it’s be just a few minutes.”

“OK, let’s do this!” Eric says as he takes his seat and anxiously waits.


“See, here you can choose how to change your sex, either monolithically or modularly. Hair length, bone structure, breast size and, of course, genitals,” the doctor explained. “And here, you have these species to choose from: your default skunk form, eevee, braixen, dragon, genet and inflatable pool toy - this latest one is simulated, of course, since I couldn’t really keep you alive as a being made of rubber and air. Hopefully, the result does the trick. Once you have made your choice, simply tap the “accept” button.” Dr Rawhead tapped the button himself and, in less than a second, Eric’s body painlessly reformed into that of a fully female genet. “To return to your default settings, simply tap the “home” button and accept the changes again.”

Erica’s eyes remained wide open, looking down at their now genet self, their now genet female self! Looking back at her new tail it swayed left and right as they tested how it felt, then looking back at ther paws and then at Javi, now at the same height as the doctor himself! “Holy… This, this is mind blowing. Like I can now literally become just about whatever I want to be. Like living in a dream! Wait-” She now blinks, realizing something else that has changed… “My voice… Wow. you really CAN change it to sound however masculine or feminine I want!”

Erica then started to tear up, so happy she can now physically look how they feel like whenever they wanted and able to do so much more with her new body than ever thought they could. “Javi. Oh my god. Thank you. Thank you!” She said, hugging the genet tight, starting to pick them off the ground as they did so. “You’re amazing!”

  • END -

This has been a fun and amazing journey to have this new version of EricSkunk be made, creating the "ideal me" would love to be if it was possible. DrJavi helped me So much on this and he nailed it out of the park. I can't thank him enough.

Art and Dr Javi (C) drjavi . Their upload is HERE

Eric(a)Skunk (C) Me.