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Eric's Second Bionic Upgrade - *READ DESC!* by sirkain

Eric's Second Bionic Upgrade - *READ DESC!*


(NSFW/Mature version is HERE )

(First bionic upgrade pic and story is HERE )

(Third Bionic upgrade pic and upgrade is HERE
Fourth/Final Bionic Upgrade Visit

Eric is a bit nervous, sitting in the operating room of Dr. Javi about to go through the next phase of his journey into the bionic lifestyle. It has been a year or more since he was last at this office as he had to save up a fairly big amount of funds to be able to afford this very involved procedure, the biggest one in this journey. The Genet explains how the operation will go, and what changes Eric is going to have from it.

“So… how will all of this work…? How will I be able to sit up when I lay on the ground? How will I breathe? Uh, what about food for energy and the bio stuff? And having no heart… '' Eric said with some concern. “Well for the breathing part of this, all new synthetic organs work entirely on your natural ability to produce energy from nutrients, the same way his old ones would, only very efficiently.” Javi said. “You might notice that your pulse is no longer a variable rhythm but a soft constant vibration, like the hum of a computer fan. There is no need to push the blood around in gulps when you can just have a steady stream that automatically speeds up or slows down, depending on the needs of your muscles and your brain.” Eric blinked a couple times, scratching his head a little as he tried to absorb all this info, but nodded and continued to let Javi speak. “Your new lungs still need air to be breathed in and out, using a synthetic diaphragm you can use just the same as your old one. That means you can breathe more heavily when more oxygen is needed, like after exercising or such, and can also hold your breath. A nice new feature you will get from this is that these new lungs are so efficient that you can not only hold your breath for about 10 minutes straight, you can even breath underwater! Although this has the unpleasant drawback of having to spit out all the water from your lungs when you come back out to land.” “That sounds… scary as heck, but at least means it's harder to be in serious life threatening situations” Eric said, sighing a bit afterwards as he has a big fear of suffocating and drowning. The Genet nodded, “This is why this will be a very long surgery session, because it is much safer than splitting in several smaller ones.”

“I can definitely see why… Doing this intense scary operation is hard to handle as is, let alone doing it multiple times in pieces.” “As for getting energy from food, everything you eat will be quickly dehydrated and compressed into a small waste box on the upper corner of your thoracic cavity. You just have to open it up manually and discard it. If you feel "full", it's probably time to empty that, but it can comfortably fit a hearty meal. These waste cubes can be processed externally, so as not to waste actual food, to produce these vials of nutrients - regular food can also be dumped into this processing machine, so there is no need to pre-eat it. The vials, as you can see, are color-coded and that machine in your belly will distribute their contents to your blood stream depending on your needs. They will last for days and a message will be displayed in your recently upgraded eyesight whenever one needs refilling. And of course, you can forget about ever pooping again! Lastly, since your abdominal muscles will have to be removed, a set of synthetic graphene-based extension muscles will be installed near your back, in order to restore your ability to sit up.”

Eric takes in a deep breath and a nervous exhale, trying to take that all in and looking down at his body… Well mostly his gut. While he liked his gut a bit after being unhealthily thin for most of his life, losing it along with his health issues like diabetes and his heart murmur are worth that ‘sacrifice’… “OK then. I'm scared of this, but it's what I want. So let's get this show on the road. '' he said, calmed down a bit. “Excellent! If you can lay down on this table, we can get started”

Art and DrJavi (C) DrJavi.

EricSkunk (C) Me.

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