Big Appetite! By CameronHops by sirkain

Big Appetite! By CameronHops


3 November 2019 at 21:04:55 MST

Kendall had recently met Milo through another acquaintance of his, and the two started to enjoy the others company. Kendall suggested they hit the diner not far from them for a bite to eat since it was getting late and most places were closed. Milo's eyes lit up at the mention of food and eagerly said yes to that! Kendall even offered to pick up the tab, but he didn't expect Milo to eat So. Friggin' much! And be such a slob getting food all over the place as he kept devouring plate after plate.

Kendall frowned, getting impatient watching him not seeming to end... "Any... Friggin'... Day now, Milo, geez!"...

This is gonna be an expensive mistake on Kendall's part!

A fun commission by cameronhops. Their upload is HERE if can comment and fave it there as well.

Milo and art (C) CameronHops.

Kendall Sinwy (C) me.