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Eric Pride, by Lupus by sirkain

Eric Pride, by Lupus


6 July 2018 at 12:56:02 MDT

This is a pretty special commission I just had woulphie do for me on a recent discovery, finding a better more exact fit on what I am. Their upload is HERE if can comment and fave there also!

Back in 1995 before found the fandom I was straight, or thought I was and just not really having much luck finding the right girl to love and be attracted to. Once found the furry fandom I then learn about gays and bisexuals and finding out a. they arent bad people at all and b. I wasnt straight,, found a guy i liked... so that makes me bi right? have been in a handful of relationships since and while I felt i loved them, sex just wasnt ever really something I was in any care to do. Guess I'm just broken.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when pride month was going on I noticed a handful of folks drawing themselves in colored shirts with different sripes then the rainbrow pride shirt i recall from the early 2000's... Learned about the Asexuality one and read aboiut it.... and that fit me like a glove. Much better than bisexual did. Moved me to tears with joy learning i'm NOT broken, and that axesuals can and have been able to find compatible partners who understand sex isnt really your thing or main way care to show/prove you love them.

While this doesnt fix my many other quirks and issues to sort out, this is a HUGE step to make me better explain to others why have had a tough time finding mr or mrs right. I wont keep beating up on myself thinking i am broken on being able to love someone and them understand.

So for those who worked hard to make such a flag/set of colors exist to represent us asexuals or Aces out there, THANK YOU. I hope to meet more like me to be able to connect with and learn from. Its a huge step in the right direction to me hopefully finding the right companion.

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    Of course you're not broken, bud! I'm glad you learned that very important lesson. You are great just as you are.