A Snack for Parrow - By Risu 1/2 by sirkain

A Snack for Parrow - By Risu 1/2


2 May 2018 at 00:39:52 MDT

EricSkunk was comfortably resting against Parrow enjoying a nice nap when the bacon scent from Eric started to trigger Parrow into wanting a bacon snack... Unforts for Eric he didn't have much time to react before was gulped down by the big derp.

EricSkunk: "Dammit Parrow I am NOT a bacon snack!" siiiiiigh

A fun soft fore themed commisson by Risu Risu!

Art and Parrow (C) Risu Risu.
Ericskunk (C) me.
Part 2 is HERE.
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