Cacomistle Halloween Party! By Maddworld by sirkain

Cacomistle Halloween Party! By Maddworld


1 November 2017 at 14:22:05 MDT

I think this is a record for the most Cacomistle/Ringtailed Cat characters ever in one pic to date in the fandom!

From left to right we have: Alx (skeleton outfit ad face paint), Kulza (mummy), Aquarix (Pirate crashing the party), Kippers cacomistle Moriarty (Beetlejuice), Keaton (young Link with a Keaton mask), Mokuno (IT Clown), Kendall (as the old gangster Bonnie), and Certo (bat).

Fantastic commission done by maddworld! I highly recommend checking them out to commission as they did this in a very short time and a blast to work with! Their upload is HERE if can comment and fave it there too.

(Will add links to all the owners of their characters once find their account names)

Kendall (C) me