Sydney (inflatable) gives in, by Nemo by sirkain

Sydney (inflatable) gives in, by Nemo


28 July 2017 at 02:15:06 MDT

Looks like Kendall bribed and begged Sydney to let her be transformed into an inflatable again like Kendall currently is. She isn't into this silly thing (to her) that Kendall is, but she sighed and let him try to show her it can be neat and fun. They head to the pool on a warm summer afternoon and float around in the pool. Sydney was almost about to smile and close her eyes and enjoy that light feeling floating on the cool water until Kendall started speaking up.

Oh well, almost Kendall.. Almost!

A fun commission in Nemo Nemo's recent full moon sketch stream.

Kendall Sinwy and Sydney Taylor (C) Eric Goodwin