Eric's Kangaroo Club by Nemo by sirkain

Eric's Kangaroo Club by Nemo


21 November 2016 at 22:05:49 MST

Eric: "What? I dont have a problem... H-honest!"

Seems his addiction to needing more kangaroos has goten worse. But at least he has plenty of 'willing' marsupials to help him on his addiction.

From left to right: Sydney (mine), Cameroo, Mell (DrMellbourne), Eric, Dunkaroo's mascott, and Kit (Kitsovereign).

A fun sketch commission by Nemo Nemo


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    Just found this by searching my name on Weasyl, lol. Are you sure the right one's me though? Looks more like O's Archie.

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      its you. I got the OK from you, didnt get ok from them in time of when this was made I can recall.