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The Boarding House on In-Flux street by SiriusDF

The Boarding House on In-Flux street

A Thursday Prompt for April 29, 2021
By SiriusDF

Prompt word: cheap

Along with artwork by seyorrol on

The cacophony within Avondale's boarding house ebbed and flowed from both Luna and Sol's rise and fall. Located in the Nevermore district of London, an undefined place showing more form in twilight. In-Flux street had a high density of boarding houses, cheap of rent. Their facades firmly planted in daylight.

Miss Avondale offered rooms-for-let to a parade of renters with unusual pedigree. Gohma's, or Spirits sometimes wearing fantastic man like shapes, creatures or various combinations when arriving. The multi-rooms of the boarding house was host to objects, voices and phantoms, some fluid, some always solid. Elemental beings seeking shelter in a turn of the 20th century Mega-city. Emigres from near and distant lands.

The blue and red ceramic masked singer, brown furred with a dog like tail, sat on the upper wall in the Alcove of the Third Eye. Observing the sea of Gohma like a sailor in a crow's nest day dreaming upon the ocean crests. Below, talon feet skitter skating on the floor planks towards the front door. Miss Avondale, blue dress draped over avian like shoulders and long necked beaked face strode up to the front door and pulled it open.

All of the tenants fell tomb silent when the door opened and The Roar thundered in. The outdoor light altering Miss Avondale into a London woman of indeterminate middle age as she answered queries from an older gent and younger person. Miss Avondale bade the pair to come in.

When the door shut, The Roar ceased. By the light of spirit lamps, Miss Avondale flowed back to her avian appearance. Her two guests changed as well. From London dark suit and soot black ties to colorful brown and sash worn striped tunics befitting a mage and cap hatted assistant.

One by one, the voices of the Gohma returned as they resumed their chaotic activities. The masked singer's ears perked behind the ceramic ears, listening in on the mage's queries to Miss Avondale.

Miss Avondale shook her head. "I'm sorry Percy, I doubt anyone here will volunteer. My boarders are very fatigued in essence these days. You saw how they cringed when the door opened. "

The assistant butted in, "The Roar is just the random thoughts of Men, an entire city's worth. They can get used to it."

Percy, the Mage, stared down his assistant. "Apologize to Miss Avondale."

As the assistant stuttered an apology, the masked singer hopped off the Alcove shelf and onto the landing. He leaped over the lap of the Lounging Lion, still perplexed if he should be feasting on a bloody bull's heart or growling, Landing between the being's legs, the masked singer hopped to the floor in front of the mage and assistant.

They beheld a monkey colored, furred being with a dog like mask and tail.

The singer spoke, "I volunteer."

The mage looked somewhat nonplussed. "I respect your valor Hanuman. But this is not the land of Hindi."

The singer interrupted, "I am not Hanuman."

He pulled off his ceramic mask. Revealing the canine continence of a singing dog of New Guinea, with bewitching amber gold eyes.

"I come from a place the British misnamed Gohma. Unlike the Elementals here who first took shape from the thoughts of Man in the earliest of civilized Eons, I came forth with the First Dogs who sprang up with Men. Though I am not from Here, I share kinship with Black Shuck, Padfoot and Gurt."

"But what of The Roar?" asked the Mage's assistant.

"Like dogs before and since, I too will adapt to the Urban wilds and crowds. And you will need that which I have provided before."

The Mage nodded at the canine Psychopomp, "Come with us."

The Boarding House on In-Flux street


15 July 2021 at 01:16:13 MDT

Been a while since I've submitted stuff for Weasyl. Will try to amend that.

A short tale or Thursday Prompt for April 29, 2021

Thursday Prompt is a writing prompt hosted by Vixyyfox on Furaffinity.

Prompt word: cheap

Inspired by artwork done by Seyorrol on his world of ghoma's or spirits.

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