Pacific Northwest Outer Limits by SiriusDF

Late Thursday Prompt 03/14/2019
Prompt word: speaker

Based on a drawing by seyorrol of Furaffinity, tumbler (Jack Cole) and twitter.

Pacific Northwest Outer Limits

by SiriusDF

For a long while, after moving in to a furnished Rental house in Eugene, I hardly paid any mind to the little sculpture on top of the bookshelf in a side room. The Landlord seemed to have forgotten about it. A strange amalgam of terracotta clay, glaze and painted features in the shape of some clownish fairie or imp with lizard like frills sprouting from it's head.

That room became my art study.

One night while agonizing over a paid assignment that should have been finished by now, I stared at a a sketch ridden sheet that refused to sprout anything useful.

I said aloud, "Any ideas??"

To my astonishment, I heard an answer.

"Sure. Just ask me," pronounced the speaker in a squeaky voice

Heart racing, I swiveled my head about. Hoping it was just my imagination.

Out of the corner of my eye, the little sculpture appeared mobile as it leaned forwards from it's shelf perch, casually crossing one leg over the other.

I looked up at the now apparently animated being of terracotta. The speaker.

With an impish smile, the little being said, "As your designated Muse, phrase your questions wisely..."

Pacific Northwest Outer Limits


13 April 2019 at 11:41:53 MDT

Late Thursday Prompt for March 14, 2019
Prompt word: speaker

A very short tale based on a drawing by seyorrol of Furaffinity

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