Surfing the nuclear way! by SiriusDF

A 365 word long Thursday Prompt for 12/14/2017

Surfing the nuclear way!

By SiriusDf

Freshly minted and already I had doubts about the Fusion Way brochure telling me it's great being an Iron 56 nucleon in the core of a dying star. This is a bogus, rigged game! I'm booking out of here!

Started charging towards one of the core's poles just as the Neutrino crowd started leaving. Believe me when they leave en mass, those ghostly buggers trample everything in their path. Core temps popped just as I lined up into a cresting swell of twisting magnetic field lines at the axis. The whole mess gyrated into the biggest breaker ever witnessed just as the core collapsed! I carved into a most awesome curl of a magnetic field lines and barreled out of there as fast as those neutrinos! Right behind, the whole star crashed and foamed out into a Supernova!

Into the vacuum I sped. How fast? Right behind a couple of gamma photons easing away. I'm so relativistic, my normally spherical self is flatter than a Lorentz pancake!

This is the life for me! Cosmic ray surfing! No dwelling in the normal matter suburbs with 26 kid electrons and a metallic, picket fence neighborhood. I have just curled the ultimate magnetic wave. Ahead, the 4k temp vacuum is blue shifted into beyond ultraviolet. Slowing me down bit by bit. I can keep on riding! Unless I hit...


The pair sat in a Quonset Hut within the night desert, surrounded by metal tubes of instruments aimed skywards. Stunned at detecting a shower of fluorescing atomic fragments hitting the atmosphere.

"OMG!" Exclaimed the grad student,"Look at this! It came from a single cosmic ray particle of...30 million Teravolts!"

The grad student whistled, "That had to have been booking right up to the C speed limit."

The old white haired professor mused, "All from an iron atomic nucleus with the relativistic kinetic energy of a fast ball in a baseball game."

He stood up and went outside, looking skywards. Memories washing back, as a youth surfing the then uncrowded coast of California. When surf boards were laminated wood and the waves seemed as endless as the Cosmos.

"A most awesome curl and wipe out. Dude, I salute you."

Surfing the nuclear way!


20 December 2017 at 00:01:17 MST

Thursday Prompt for December 14, 2017
A writing prompt hosted by Vixyyfox on Furaffinity
This week, limit the prompt to exactly 365 words using the Prompt word: vacuum

Surfing...surfing the Cosmos for me!

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