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Feeding the Locals by SirButts

Feeding the Locals


27 March 2014 at 21:09:56 MDT

Commission 2 out of 2 for harshai harshai!

I imagine this would just be a sound clutter of DRRRR DRRRR DRRRRR

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    This is just brilliant ;w;
    You come up with amazingly cool ideas! And oh god, all those pigeons! (especially that one in the background that tries to charm a pigeon lady, oh boy)
    And the guys also look really great! I can see them in such situation and acting exactly like that :D I really like those emotions and poses and all those little details! And it especially made me happy that you showed their skin tone difference (almost noone does that, sadly).
    I really-really love everything here, it looks super rad!
    Thank you so much for drawing such amazing pictures for me <3 I will definitely commission you again in future, because it's such a pleasure to work with you, and you art is just wonderful ;w;

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      Ahhh I'm sooo glad you like it!
      Heheheh, pigeons are such dumb fricks. When I was outside thinking about ideas for this a bunch of pigeons showed up and well, here you have it.
      YEAH, a lot of people seem to forget skin tone difference in general! But it's one of the most differentiating things. I have a friend that is white, who has darker skin than one of my friends who is black. It's a really good thing to change up when choosing your character's palette. :>
      Sorry, I'm rambling, hah.
      And thank you so much for working with me! It was super enjoyable, and it would be a joy to work with you again! If I work up enough money, I'll also definitely commission you some time. 8>