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Coffee Cat by SiranaJHelena (critique requested)

Coffee Cat (critique requested)


My cat is finished! And I think I can call it a success. The progress was awful though. This time I started with colors (and little shading) and added the real shading afterwards. (See my WIP-Folder for the preshaded version.) Next time I'll practice fur I'm going to do everything in greyscale and add the color later. (That won't happen so soon though, I have a lot of other stuff to do at the moment, but I promise to submit it to this gallery.)

Well, I have a cat! Right in the middle of the screen, interacting with anything... and boring. It started as an exercise but after it turned out nice I'd like to give this cat a place to sit in.
So, question towards the cat owners: What is a cat about to do when she is sitting and looking like this beauty?

Additionally: As I'm trying to get rid of watermarks-all-over-the-picture-ruining-everything, I've been playing around a bit with other possibilities. How do you like this signature and URL-placement?

(c) Sirana J. Helena
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.
(Remember what I said? She'll eat your cookies if you do!)

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