Jorinda (with sunglasses!) by SiranaJHelena

Jorinda (with sunglasses!)


25 January 2014 at 11:19:01 MST

This is a request for Jorinda as a part of my "Free and shoddy" request series. She is a really nice person with a focus on photography and fursuits. I you aren't in a hurry, you might want to look into her gallery. :)

Character "Jorinda" (c) Jorinda
Picture (c) Sirana J. Helena

Please do not alter or distribute.

Edit: I corrected the picture, so there is no need for more pattex to keep the glasses on the nose. :D
Also I added a red dot which I didn't know of back then.

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    och wie putzig <33
    ich frag mich aber gerade, wie die sonnenbrille darauf hält =D

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    Awww danke :).

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    That's the coolest Seagull I have ever seen! :D At first I thought she got eyepatches, though Maybe a more visible reflection would make it more apparent they're glasses?

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      Thanks! :)
      The glasses aren't that obvious, yes. The problem is that any harder reflection would look strange in comparison to the smooth shading on the seagull. As an alternative I thought of adumbrating the eyes below the glasses. (I mean, in reality you can see the eyes quite often. It's glass, not concrete.) Unfortunately this would have ended in tons of lines at one point. This would also be incompatible to the simple design of Jorinda. Thanks for your input though. On the next picture I will try to make the glasses more glasses-like. :)