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WIP: Fighting The Wall by SiranaJHelena

WIP: Fighting The Wall


This year it's time to go back to the 80's at the Eurofurence. However, especially in Germany this time was pretty hard and far away from partying, depending on the side of the wall you lived. So I considered to draw something about this topic. I mean, the consite is located in Berlin right next to the former border and even has a part of the wall as decoration in the yard, so... ;)

However, I'm still struggeling with the picture because I'm unsure what medium I should use. The sketch is just digital because I used a PSD for brainstorming many ideas. I want to work it out with traditional media. I'm just not sure which would be fit best. I own charcoal, pastel chalk, polychromos (coloured pencils), aquarell (water colours) and a set of pencils. Charcoal would fit great to the surface of a wall, but I just discovered I'm still really bad and untrained with that. xD

What do you think? What would fit best? Or should I combine the material I have?

Picture made by Sirana J. Helena
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.

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    I'm no supplies expert, to be honest. Personally, though, I'd just go with whatever made the piece look nice and old.

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      Thank you very much. A nice and old look sounds properly indeed. Hm.. I need to experiment a bit how to achieve that.

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        Maybe a sepia style?

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          I thought of that, too but then the painting of the wall would have just looked like background "noise". However, doing a larger piece of art in sepia is definitly on my bucket list.

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            Oh, yeah; I see what you mean.

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    I love the idea of an image like that. To give it a special touch, you could draw it with colors, sprayers would use on conrete. Or pastel chalk on concrete. Its just to have a concrete plate thats not to heavy and stuff.

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      Thanks for the hints! As far as I could google, many concrete walls are coloured with acrylic paint or something oil-based. I have acrylic paint here, maybe this would be a nice idea. However, I'm unsure if I could make the texture authentic, considering that I'm still using paper or in that case a canvas. Also it might be too colourful. Maybe I can mix it with other media. :)
      Aside from that, thanks for the tip about the paper replacement, but I won't draw on actual concrete, especially not when I have to use publich transport to get it to the con. ;)