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Just lynx things by SiranaJHelena

Just lynx things


I've been experimenting with other styles lately because I feel more inspired and more comfortable when drawing without smooth and tidy outlines. This is a very spontaneous piece from the week-end while I had to wait for an answer before I could go on with paid work.
I'm happy how it turned out. The "beard" sadly doesn't look so well. At first I made it look like long strands of fur but the hair on that place is far away from that. It's more bushy. I tried to correct that but I wasn't able to figure out how to draw a fitting texture and now it's pretty blurry. Well, next time. :)

Picture was made by Sirana J. Helena
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    I think it looks pretty good! I can see what you mean about the beard though... I'm no digital artist, so I wouldn't really know how to fix it, but I think it looks nice either way--it kinda' draws more attention to the face, instead of the outlying features. In a way, this style does have it's own perks.
    ...Wow, that was a bit more analyzation than I expected to give. Eh, just as well I suppose. L=

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      Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. And you're right about the focus of attention. Actually I never really thought about that but now where you mention it, a much more detailed and fluffy beard might have drawn a lot attention. The WIP with the long strands of fur and much contrast sure did. Thanks again! ^^

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        No problem.^^ I like to leave comments where I can.