Heyyyyyy by sinisternoodles



29 March 2019 at 10:08:02 MDT

Some practice stuff.

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    Woah o.o Suddenly... IMPROVEMENT

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    Yu grew child.YU GREW!

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    I love the pose! It's super dynamic!

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    WOW awesome!!! This amazing0.0 Your skill drawing better and better!)
    I like this cool neon colors)) And I like this perspective - it amazing to see on your drawings, something new^^

    And cool to see drawings with action:3

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    Where the heck has this level of skill been? XD

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      Well, maybe "level of skill" isn't quite the right term. Your skill shows through in nearly every drawing you do, but this time it showed through in a really dynamic, eye-catching style that looks so different from anything I've seen from you before.

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        Ha, I got what ya meant, loo. And thanks!
        This is actually kinda different from what I normally do. Like you said: It's different from anything else I've drawn. Because it's not exactly...my own style, ig? I referenced it off one of my favorite TV shows, and it has a lot of cool colors like these. So I thought I'd give it a go, and test things out in a new style (hopefully it stays for a while, I kinda like it). But yeah. Thx!

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          Neat! I'd be interested in seeing this style applied to other works as well.