I Need To Learn by sinisternoodles

I Need To Learn


10 August 2018 at 05:39:54 MDT

This was a fun experiment! I turned antialiasing off and kept it kinda scetchy 'cause I think it kinda brings out a more intense feeling. And I usually hate doing two characters in one drawing but this was actually really fun! I've been practicing a lot with drawing hands lately! I honestly really like how they came out! I was gonna add some blood but I think that would have been too much, and I was too lazy anyways.

And this is slight vent, mostly I feel like everybody wants to be the same person. People want to be cool, stylish, the perfect person...If someone were to ask me why I love 80's music I will happily tell you " It's different from today's music, it's not the same topic over and over again, I like some of the songs now, but most of them are just about money,love,drugs, drinking, etc...But I feel like because everyone wants to be the same, is why it's so hard for me to make friends and find people I can relate to because I'm afraid they are going to leave me just like everyone else did.

To put it short, the picture is mostly me just venting about getting knocked down from negative feelings and reality

LOL! Sorry for all of the vent art lately.

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    cool effects and powerful image...i can definitely relate a lot with this

    i listen to a lot of stuff but the genres i like most are rock between 70s-80s, breakcore (no one i know listens to it lol), 8bit, and orchestral stuff, but esp. anything that combines those things

    it's annoying hearing the same subject sung over and over to the same tune and instruments on modern pop and mainstream music

    but i agree, others shouldn't try to strive to be perfect or fit the same mold even if that means they'll be less accepted if they don't, there's only one you in the whole world and you should be proud of that.

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    " I like some of the songs now, but most of them are just about money,love,drugs, drinking, etc..."

    Okay, I agree with this post, but I just had to comment on this. LOTS AND LOTS of songs back then were about the same things. (Ex: Led Zeppelin, even if they were around earlier) In fact, excluding some specific genres, there's less and less of songs that are based on those things. The only common ones I see today that you mentioned are about money and love.

    I think the problem isn't exactly with "what's trendy right now", it's that you're hanging out with the wrong people if they exclude you just for not liking what everyone else does. You should befriend open minded people or older people (there are a lot of people I know that are 30's-60's range and they still like modern things).

    There's a big group of people in the world that will always think that everyone needs to have the same opinions and interests, or else we can't co-exist. But diversity is what makes people interesting and unique, even if they may have "bad" opinions or interests.

    I suck at actually formulating explanations of what I'm thinking about so I'll just end the rambling here. In short: People can grow up in an environment where they think it's normal to do this and that. And depending on what and how many friends they have, groups can form that will be defensive and harass you or exclude you for not agreeing with them. And just like an infection their beliefs can spread and form other groups. You may feel like you're outnumbered but you're not. Some people can just be aggressive with what they think.

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      I actually can't even understand what I just said so if you misinterpret something, don't be surprised. I'll be bewildered if you can even manage to scavenge a single word out of my ramblings lol

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    I can relate a little even though I like a little bit of everything when it comes to genre, I grew up listening to 60's-70's-80's-90's-2000's music including rock, rap, punk rock, alt rock, dubstep, techno, electronic, classical, acoustic, you name it. even though I can relate, i think it's okay and important to have different opinions because if everybody had the same opinion, that would honestly be boring.

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    Turning off the antilasting was a nice effect, especially given the scene.

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      Thanks!! I saw it in iMAX's art I don't know if that is just his art program or he turned it off as well, but I really like the pixelated look!