Sindrake Fursuit Reference Sheet by SindrakeSmokeRings

Sindrake Fursuit Reference Sheet


30 March 2016 at 16:46:33 MDT

Oh my goodness... I have gotten my fursuit reference sheet done by the enchanting and very talented Lumaberry. I can only say good things about my experience with this wonderful person. She was professional and such a pleasure to talk to. This here is the next step in turning Sindrake into a reality... I am so excited to see things come from just an idea into something like this...


Lumaberry has a FA which you should TOTALLY check out!

She is a full time artist so you can totally get some work done! Tell her Sindrake sent cha! ;3

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    Don't do fursona. People do a lot of bad stuff with those.
    I prefer have Pokesona

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      Well that's a strange thing to say. People do a lot of "bad" stuff everywhere. I for one do not fursuit for a sexual reason... and before you think that your Pokesona is safe... rule 34. Not trying to be rude... I just find your comment a tad bit on the condescending side.

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        I don't agree

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          And that is your opinion. All I am saying is do what you want to do... and I will do what I want to do.

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            I'm not being friends with you anymore if you're not believing me. And I won't do anything with you for the rest of my life here.

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              I'm going to be a honest, I don't really understand a lot of the things you say... you've exploded once at me before in which you accused me of thinking that you are my girlfriend when I was only giving you advice about school... to me I think you are just a little confused on this whole thing. I respect you for being passionate...but understand this threat of unfriending me is empty. I would like to keep watching you grow as an artist... but do not bring on this drama or generalize me, I don't have time for it.