kILL ALL TH TITANS by SimplyMisty



25 June 2014 at 13:13:30 MDT

first time ever attempting to draw anything even remotely human and it's just a crappy sketch of angry titan angry with l'oreal hair

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    YO, this is actually really good! Humans (titans?????) are super draw to draw at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun.

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      *hard to draw

      "Draw to draw"???? What.

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        tHANK you. Humans are hella annoying to draw I really like sticking to fur and scales but at the same time I'm mostly in fandoms that involve humans and it's such a pain when you can't draw them.

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          You're welcome!
          Yea, same. I've got a lot of human characters who I wish I could draw but I just… can't?? (To be honest I'd probably be a lot better at them but I just never prACTICE. I still spend most of my time drawing cats oops.)

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            ((yeah same and often my friend bugs me about it and calls me out on just drawing 'dragons and cats', but when i actually do draw a human she just snorts and goes 'that anatomy tho', and really it just gets annoying because?? well I tried and now you're just putting me down for it.))

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              Yea, stuff like that always damages my motivation to try new things. I always like to work on my art when nobody's around though so I don't get people poking fun at what I'm new to drawing.

              I've been trying to motivate myself to expand my comfort-zone a little more, like drawing more landscapes, non-feline animals, and humans. But then I still just end up drawing cats again 90% of the time uugh.

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                same ughh but also dragons now