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Zootopia - A Night at the Movies by Simplemind

Zootopia - A Night at the Movies

"Uh, hey, Finnick?" Nick said as he followed the little fox down the hallway. "It's not that I wouldn't enjoy spending some time with you, every now and then. I mean, we rarely do something together aside from our hustles. But..." he hesitated for a moment as the two entered the large, dimly lit hall. "...does it have to be a movie like this?"

Finnick looked back at him and shoved a paw full of fresh popcorn into his mouth. The popcorn bag, he carried with one arm, seemed to be big enough in size for an elephant, despite it being only a medium sized one for small mammals. "What's the matter, Nick?" the fennec scoffed in his deep voice as he munched on the sweets. "You mean to tell me you are scared, hahaha?!"

"Pffft, no!" he rolled his eyes. "It's just that horror movies aren't really my thing. And the poster outside looked pretty... graphic," Nick added as he shuffled through the rows of seats. The cinema was not all that crowded yet, so they could go for a nice place in the middle. "Seriously, man, you have a weird taste sometimes. It's the same with that horrible French rap music you force me to listen to in your van."

"Listen!" Finnick growled and stopped at a seat he seemed to like. "If you wanna see some stupid Disney film with a dancing, singing little princes and her magical friends, you're free to find someone else to go to the theatre with!"

Nick sighed as he put their drinks down. "Jeeze, Finnick! It's okay," he said and sat down, pushing down the seat beside him as well for his friend to take place. "Don't get all flustered up. I'm here with you, aren't I?" Grumbling, the short fox hopped onto the seat and occupied his loose mouth with more popcorn.

"Gah!" As Nick pulled his paw away, the seat, Finnick was sitting on, folded back up and trapped the fox between it. Nick giggled as he saw only his friend's paws with the popcorn bag in them emerge from the red cushions. "Stop laughing and put this thing down, you moron!" Finnick yelled.

Nick giggled more as he freed him. "Looks like you're a bit too light for this thing, little guy." As the fennec stood up on the defiant seating accommodation, the anger clearly visible on his face, Nick patted his knee. "Wanna sit with daddy, little toot-toot?"

Finnick grit his teeth and stared the taller fox dead in the eyes. "I'm a fully grown mammal! I'll sit on no one's lap!" He barked. "And if you ever call me that in public again, I'll bite your face off!!!"

"It's either that, or I'll have to get the booster seat from the counter!" Nick snickered.

Reluctantly, Finnick climbed over to sit on Nick's lap. He was still growling under his breath. "I swear, if you ever tell anybody about this, I will-"

Waving a hand, Nick interrupted him, "Bite my face off. Yeah, yeah... Are we settled now?"

Still grumbling a bit, Finnick turned his head forward and stuffed more popcorn into his muzzle. As the last people came in to find a seat, the hall finally turned dark and a few trailers started to roll off. Impatiently, Finnick waited for the main event. He'd anticipated this movie for a while now, and was ready to indulge in some mindless horror action!

When suddenly a young doe took the place next to them, she looked baffled at the pair and spoke, "Excuse me, sir? Isn't your, eh... son a bit young to be in this movie?"

Anger boiling up inside him, Finnick turned his head to regard the nosy girl. "How about you mind your own business, Lady?!" he snarled in his unbelievingly deep voice and startled the poor girl thoroughly.

Quickly Nick held his short-tempered friend's mouth shut, before his loose mouth would get them both kicked out. "Eh, hehehe... I'm sorry for my friend here," Nick said and scratched his ear awkwardly. "You see, he's just short, not young." But his attempt to defuse the situation was lost, as the doe was already retreating and looking for a different seat. "Way to go, man!" he said annoyed. "If you keep this up, we'll be tossed out and never let in again!"

"Shut up, Nick!" the fennec said as he shoved his friend's paws from his muzzle. "It's starting."

Now the room turned dark completely, and a moment later was filled with a creepy atmosphere as the spooky scenery was projected on the big screen and the threatening score roared from the speakers. Finnick followed the events in front of him with utmost excitement and interest. Nick, though, was already creeped out! He was by no means an anxious fox, but his good-natured heart made him reject the depiction of such intimidating and harsh scenes. Weren't it for Finnick, he'd never go into such a movie. But he wanted to be a good friend to him, and, truth be told, with him, the little fennec had quite a bit to contend with.

Finnick was in pure bliss as the sound effects dinned in his large ears. The needless troubles from earlier already forgotten, he stuffed himself with popcorn. This was what he was here for!

When his friend's arms suddenly tightened around his waist, Finnick pretended he hadn't noticed. He knew fairly well that this wasn't exactly Nick's domain. The fact that he came here with him nonetheless, meant a lot to him. Even if the fennec didn't let it show! He was actually very glad to have Nick around. No one else would have come here with him to see this movie. Finnick was a bit too coy to admit it, but the red fox was probably his best friend!

After the showing ended, Nick and Finnick left the theatre. The fennec was still sucking on the straw in his drink, since it (as well as most everything else) was too big for him.

"You had fun, Finnick?" Nick asked in a voice that told everyone who could hear that he was thankful it was over. Finnick, with his giant ears, caught it all the more. He also noticed Nick's tired eyes and his flustered tail.

"Plenty!" The fennec answered.

As the two reached the parking lot, Nick moved on and bid the smaller fox goodbye, "Guess, I'll see you tomorrow then?" It was already dark and late, and Nick thought that the fennec probably wouldn't give him a ride home, even if he asked. His place was in the opposite direction than Sahara Square anyways, and Finnick would have to take a detour.

Finnick noticed that Nick wasn't keen to walk alone at this hour. Despite being a naturally nocturnal animal, it was understandable after such an intense movie. He also seemed to be a bit cold in only his green shirt, as he was grabbing his elbow. "Yeah, sure," answered Finnick. "See ya, Nick!"

Then Nick was alone on the dark road. It wasn't far to his apartment, but he waited for someone to jump at him after every corner he took. If he'd make it home eventually, he'd have trouble falling asleep for sure! On top of that, he was cold. He knew he should have brought a jacket.

As he walked all on himself, Nick suddenly heard an all too familiar noise. It was Finnick's rattling van that slowly drove up to him and halted on the dark and empty street. The driver window went down and inside, accompanied by the mandatory, earsplitting French rap music, sat Finnick. He wore his sunglasses, despite the late hour, and said, "Hop on in, I'll give you a lift."

With a smile on his face, Nick got up to the passenger side and did just that. He was welcomed by a cozy warmth, since Finnick had turned the heating on, and the speakers boomed in his sensitive ears as they drove off.

And honestly, there was nothing in the world he would rather hear right now!

The End

Zootopia - A Night at the Movies


Ever wondered what Nick and his deep-voiced, little partner in crime do when they are not actually hustling someone? Well, they enjoy a nice evening together in the movies, for example. Come and let's see how things are going for the two!

Length: 1.350 words

I hope it's not too late for me to jump on the bandwagon! Then again, Can there ever be enough Zootopia fanwork? I don't think so. Anyways, here you have a cute and funny little story featuring our favorite con artist fox and his quick-tempered fennec friend. This story might contain a few small spoilers if you haven't seen the movie already, but it doesn't give away major plot twists or anything. Still, read at your own risk!

Zootopia, Nick Wilde, Finnick and the Zootopia logo (c) Disney
Stroy (c) 2016 Simplemind