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Armed Anthros: Uzi by Simonov

Armed Anthros: Uzi


Origin: Israel
Year: 1950
Type: Submachine gun
Caliber: 9X19mm Parabellum
Weight: 3.5 kg (7.72 lb)
Length: 640 mm (25 in)
Barrel length: 260 mm (10.2 in)
Capacity: 25 rds (32 rd magazine also available)

Developed by IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) officer (then-)Captain Uziel Gal in the wake of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Uzi submachine gun was adopted by the Israeli military in 1951 and entered widespread service in 1954. The Uzi submachine gun is a fully-automatic weapon chambered for the 9X19mm pistol cartridge. Thanks to its use of a telescoping bolt design, in which the bolt wraps around the breech of the weapon's barrel, the Uzi also manages to be a compact weapon. Thanks to its firepower and compact size, the Uzi quickly proved to be popular among officers, artillery and tank crews, and support troops for whom the standard issue FAL rifle was too heavy and/or unwieldy but also need greater and more accurate firepower than a handgun could offer. The Uzi also proved to be popular outside of Israel, seeing service with such groups as the German Bundeswehr (where it replaced Italian and American WWII-era submachine guns in 1959), the Belgian Armed Forces (including Uzis made under license by FN-Herstal), the Royal Netherlands Army (the first country to adopt it after Israel), and the United States Secret Service (where it was perhaps most notably seen wielded by a Secret Service agent during the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan).

Multiple variations of the Uzi have been and currently are manufactured. These included the conventional Uzi (either with a fixed wooden stock or a metal folding stock), the shorter Mini-Uzi, and even-shorter Micro-Uzi, and the Uzi Pro. Semi-automatic only versions of these variants have also been built for the civilian market and have proven fairly popular on the US market with certain variants, such as early Israeli Military Industries imports of the full-size variant, commanding premium prices among collectors.

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