Armed Anthros: Ruger Super Redhawk by Simonov

Armed Anthros: Ruger Super Redhawk


1 September 2019 at 13:53:00 MDT

Origin: USA
Year: 1987
Type: Double-action revolver
Caliber: .454 Casull (also available in .480 Ruger, .44 Magnum, and 10mm Auto)
Weight: 53 oz (3.3125 lbs)
Length: 381 mm (15 in)
Barrel length: 241 mm (9.5 in)
Capacity: 6 rds

A double-revolver marketed towards hunters, the Ruger Super Redhawk boasts a reinforced frame allowing it handle more potent cartridges such as the .454 Casull. The revolver also features the ability to mount an optic using Ruger's proprietary ring design and an integral mount built into the gun's frame. The Super Redhawk is also available in a number of barrel lengths, including 7.5 in and 9.5 in in .480 Ruger, .454 Casull, and .44 Magnum. A 6.5 in barreled version chambered for the 10mm Auto was also introduced in 2018. Another variant of this Ruger revolver, known as the Super Redhawk Alaskan, fitted with a 2.5 in barrel was introduced in 2005 and marketed as a self-defense weapon against large, dangerous animals such as bear due to its hard-hitting calibers and portability due to its smaller size. The Alaskan also omits the optic mount

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