Speedpaint::Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself by silversummersong

Speedpaint::Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself


5 September 2015 at 08:41:37 MDT

So this was an impromptu very quick painting. I had no plans for this piece, but instead I simply created a file, picked up a brush and started scribbling in some color until things started taking shape. I did the whole piece in about 45 minutes and I focused more on my color chemistry, composition and getting the overall image of the piece to read clearly rather than worry about the details, hence the rough brush strokes. Maybe one day I'll tighten everything up for a complete painting, but for now, this will do. As per usual with my conceptual pieces, I have a little food for thought to accompany it.

Looking at the piece, it may be considered that the wave is actually relatively small compared to the size of the paper boat. If you set a paper boat in the water, a 'normal' wave would probably be much larger, yet at this perspective, the wave still looks much bigger than the boat, which it is. I interpreted the piece as sometimes in life we let the smallest things become the largest problems. We are blinded by some insignificant setback and we miss the grand scheme of life. We end up missing the fact that we have a whole 'ocean' to explore or that we have many paths and courses we could take that would have led us around the wave. Yet at the same time, there is not only one wave in the ocean. No matter what course we take, we'll have stumbling blocks along the way, but it's how we adapt to these unpredictable variables that makes the difference. We can't let the little things get to us or life gets to be an unrelenting storm with wave after wave knocking us down. We can't let the small things dominate us to the point that it's all we are fixated on because once that wave has passed, we realize it wasn't such a big deal because we still made it out alive and well.

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