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Kassius Fashion Reference By Toxi De Vyne by SilverSheep

Kassius Fashion Reference By Toxi De Vyne


12 August 2020 at 01:59:17 MDT

Kassius Fashion Reference

I commissioned Toxi De Vyne to make a fashion reference sheet for my border collie character, Kassius. Toxi is an expert at drawing clothes and designing outfits for anthropomorphic characters.

Workout Wear

Kassius loves training with throwing weapons and keeping in shape. He has to be fit to keep up with all those naughty sheep he as to catch.

Hypnotic Herder

Next up is his Hypnotic Herders Uniform. This outfit is the official secret police uniform complete with his herding licence. Be careful; his eyes are quite persuasive.

Military Disguise

This military disguise is one of many Kassius uses when he is infiltrating the ranks looking for the less than enthusiastic conscript who needs a change of mind or a stay in the Hypnotic Herders reeducation prison. His weapon here is an AK74u.

"Big Bad Wolf"

The last outfit is his casual wear/prison guard uniform. Don't let the fluffy cuteness fool you too much. Kassius is serious when it comes to making a few mental changes to his flock, all for their benefit, of course. With the power of suggestion, you might be seeing a genuine wolf before you.

Artwork: © FA: Toxi De Vyne Facebook: Toxi De Vyne
Character: © silversheep silversheep