Two for Tea By TonkineseDragon by SilverSheep

Two for Tea By TonkineseDragon


4 November 2018 at 22:32:43 MST

Meroaw is an artist I need to commission more from. This is a piece that I commissioned from Meroaw at NeonFur. It's Lexy and Silver Sheep enjoying a pot of tea together. Lexy commissioned some artwork of me and his fursona so I decided to return the favour.

I'm impressed with the texture work and the details in this piece. Lexy always has his scarf and the latte in the foreground is tops. The silhouettes of furs in the background add interest and helps sell the scene set in the city. I like these slice-of-life style illustrations. Lexy and I like to hang out when I am down in Melbourne.

Artwork: © Meroaw
Characters: © silversheep silversheep and Lexy