Braxton Fox - SFW Reff Sheet by Muttasaur by SilverSheep

Braxton Fox - SFW Reff Sheet by Muttasaur


14 February 2018 at 16:53:56 MST

Meet Braxton he is a blue fox. His design features a dark blue hair floof, chest chevron and treasure trail. He has a large fluffy fox tail, finger-less white socks markings on his hand paws and bright green eyes. He always wears his collar with a circular dog tag with the letter B written on it. It's his piece of fox bling.

He's a confident fox who like to take charge. He likes to show off and can be a bit of a flirt. He likes to meet new people and socialize. He enjoys cocktails when out drinking and casual dining. He is a fan of rainy weather and snuggling up with a friend on a cold winters day.

Braxton is not a fan of pretentiousness and hook-up culture. He gravitates away from pretentious people keeping himself free from the drama such people tend to create. He stays inside on hot days favouring the cool temperatures. Being a flirt and a bit of a show off he tends to rub prudes the wrong way. This has fostered a dislike for prudes and sex-negative people.

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Artwork: © muttasaur muttasaur
Character: © silversheep silversheep

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