Mid May Meet 2017: Glitter Husky by SilverSheep

Mid May Meet 2017: Glitter Husky


27 May 2017 at 23:18:58 MDT

At the Mid May Meet something magical happened. We were visited by a glittering husky. He walked across from the car park and for the whole time he was with us he was a husky never giving away any hint that he wasn't one. He even left as a husky walking back the way he came.

The husky thanked me for the photos I took of him at FurDU and it's always great to hear some feedback from people that I photograph. I think he was a real anthro husky just pretending to be a fursuiter not the freak people out. The more mundane explanation is that it was Taubu Lion's yet to be names husky fursuit.

I have yet to meet Taubu Lion in a more human form despite how many photos I have taken of his Lion fursuit at different furry events. He could have been hanging out for most of the day or standing right next to me for all I knew.

Fursuiter: taubulion

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    You know, I realized why I like your submissions so much - you take the time to attach a unique description, or even a story (like the one you made here), to each one. Most people who post this many times a day just have something they copy and paste into each description, but I don't see any copy-pasting in your gallery.
    Keep up the good work!

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      I few people have commented on that. I think that is what makes my photography posts different from others. I must be doing something right with this method because of all the positive feedback I keep getting. I don't want to dump seventy photos on mass because most people won't go through all of them. I feel this way each photo gets more attention and it gives people a reason to follow my pages.