ConFurgence: ByCats4Cats Group Photo by SilverSheep

ConFurgence: ByCats4Cats Group Photo


26 January 2017 at 20:42:47 MST

The ByCats4Cats group photo at ConFurgence. In the back row we have Coutzy, Tyko, Krokus, ShadowKat and Bronson. In the middle row we have Serafis Wulfz, MiniSnap, Snapcat, Nox The Starburst Lion and Remmmy. In the front row we have Trak Dakelpie, Topaz and Winter Ntyeshade. A total of twelve fursuiters and one fursuit maker.

Fursuiters: coutzy, tyko-skooma, Krokus (Owned by Snapcat), shadowkat2k, bronsontwist, dumbbluedog (Twitter), shadowwolf92 (MiniSnap), snapcat (In his human fursuit), noxthestarburstlion, remmms, trakdakelpie, Topaz and gothwolfie