ConFurgence: ButterFurs and Co by SilverSheep

ConFurgence: ButterFurs and Co


21 January 2017 at 17:45:18 MST

The Australian Fursuit maker behind Butterfur Bakehouse Bim surrounded by friends I assume they could be enemies but I will go with friends. We have Sam the fox on the far left. Down in front we have the Butterfur creation the hyena Ferosa. Behind Ferosa we have Denver also a Butterfur creation. To the right of Denver we have Bim the ferret. Last but not least we have Luri the deer.

Fursuiters: frostthewolf, ferosa99, Denver, ikanamay and lurideer


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    Nice job getting them all together! It made for a great picture.

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      Thanks. It's hard to get fursuiters lined up sometimes.

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        I think I have an idea of what that might be like. L=