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Hi there!

You can call me Silvermoon.

I found the (real) furry fandom last year (2012), and I'm really glad I did. It's revitalized some of my artistic spirit that has been dormant for a few years - you know, life happens. :P

My life is pretty boring and even numbing at times - thank god for my dog, Mojo!

The fun, creativity and joy I see in the fandom - the art, fursuits and social interaction have been refreshingly fun to watch and get involved in, even if it's limited right now. I've just recently gotten my first partial fursuit for Silvermoon ready, and I'm quite happy with her. I might aspire to have a more realistic one in the future. :)

I studied Art Fundamentals at Sheridan and Graphic Design at Durham (now UOIT).

My natural drawing style is in the nebulous toony area between Disney/Don Bluth/Universal type feral characters - since I developed my drawing skills at a young age and grew up drawing such characters as the Tramp, Dodger, Simba and Balto, etc. Wolves/wolf-like dogs and horses (including pegasus and unicorns) dominate the artwork that comes out of my head as I'm fairly comfortable with the basic anatomies. Felines are tougher for me, but I'm trying a couple. I can push my style towards realistic, but I need the help of references drawings/photos. I can also push myself and do a bit of anthro, but again I need references to help do good work. Drawing people? Well, not so much since college. With practice I could probably do it again, but it's not really my thing.

My best artwork happens when I'm inspired, so it's not on a set schedule - one of the reasons I don't do commissions (yet). Of course another reason is that I don't have a large body of recent work. I do gift art for those who are kind to me, and/or whose character inspires me, and thus I am building a bit of a portfolio. Perhaps someday someone will want to commission me for some artwork. ;)





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    Hey Silvermoon!!! :D Long time no see! Ill be at next week's furmeet!!

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      Ah dude, next week ill be in Mexico!

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        Awww :(

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    Thank you so much for following me! :D <3

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    Thanks for facing Silvermoon

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    Thank you for the friend request. :D

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    Welcome! :D Hope you like it here.