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Krystal Bust Shot by SilverMelee

Krystal Bust Shot


25 November 2014 at 22:04:03 MST

Okay, something actually new! Unlike the previous drawings, this one isn't an oldie from my dA account, but rather a new picture entirely!

Any furry should be able to identify this character - Krystal from Star Fox!

While she has her staff here, the outfit is based off of her getup in Assault (I took a lot of liberties with the design, as some might notice); let it be known that any outfit can be dramatically enhanced with glowy bits. On a side note, I don't think I've ever worked with so many different shades of blue in one picture! I originally was going to apply textures to the suit, but chose not to for various reasons (including not being able to get the textures right no matter how hard I tried). In fact, the suit was originally going to more closely resemble the actual suit from Assault, but I just couldn't get it to look right... thus, artistic liberties. I think it worked out well. Again, glowy bits... you can do wonders with 'em.

I tried to make the name tag as "Star Fox" as possible - utilizing the Star Fox font used in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures (called "Arwing" font, and can be downloaded here if you want it for yourself), then adding a tail to the text. Modeling the tail after Krystal's was too good an idea to ignore and I just had to do it.

Experimented with a different coloring technique here. I think it paid off - I'll likely be using it for future pics. Boobs a little on the large side, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the flames on the ends of the staff, but I'm otherwise pleased with the results here. Not sure if I can still say I'm rusty at this point... but I'm not going to say I'm out of it just yet. Let's give it one more picture before we confirm anything.

Krystal is property of Nintendo.

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