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Mirror Image


23 January 2014 at 17:48:40 MST

Look in the mirror,
Hate what you see.
Always wishing--wishing...
To run away from me.

Do you ever think
You could look inside?
See the real me...
Now run and hide!

The monster and the lamb--
Curling together, hearts in time.
Watch the tempo.
Fear the rhyme.

Teeth and fangs,
One and all.
Taste the blood.
Now watch me fall.

An endless spiral,
A perpetual spin.
I hope to never see
My own self again.

She and I are
One and the same,
But I aim to please;
She tries to maim.

We bid you welcome
And offer a friendly smile,
Tearing out your heart,
And laughing all-the-while.

Don't forget
How wild we are.
The blood we love,
And faces we scar.

Look in the mirror,
Hate what I see.
Always wanting--wanting
to get rid of me.

murrs I have missed my poetry...even if it is terribly angsty sounding or awful. I thought it fit with the picture though, so I wrote a spur-of-the-moment poem.

////Update//// Eegads! So teenage-angsty wah! I am only posting this bc I want most of my FA art up on here as well. eyeroll I was so overly dramatic back then.

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